“Our goal is to be a record label for one of the music companies, recording and managing artists and to be a learning provider. We want to build a family for people to enjoy themselves musically and get o the street. Being an accredited learning provider added to the recording studio, here within Asta, we can provide the whole package to progress in life, whether they choose a path in music or not.

I see so many kids in school indecisive about what they want to do. Confidence is low in a community like this, some individuals learn more in intimate groups rather than in a classroom of 30. Some want to come because it is safe; there is a lot of gang-related fear here.
We’ve a long waiting list of young people wanting to connect with the studio. With accreditation we can provide social and employability skills, how to interview and stand out, alongside the technical skills. There are so many areas you can go down after that, in the creative; music, fashion, events, presenting, producing TV movies, engineering. Or you’ve simply got the con dence to see and follow what you do want to do rather than the wrong path.I’ve been connected with Links since aged 7/8; attending play- scheme, then youth club and then becoming a young leader.

The opportunities and mentoring we got helped me make the right choices in life. I see others who didn’t get these, were bored and resorted to silly things. I could have stayed employed as a broker, but I wanted to give others what I got. I work as a club door supervisor at the weekends to pay my way. I really want to be in the studio every day and see it grow, as a business. Getting accredited and becoming quali ed tutors/assessors will give us this chance. It would be a great journey from an empty orange room here, with two/three minds thinking about a plan and having a dream.
We’ve got fantastic opportunity. Alongside the studio Tracy wants to open up a barber’s shop. Why not, people need their cut and the youth need to be engaged. Whether we do this or other things we can give people the chance of self-belief – their eyes light up when they come out of the recording booth and see their peers who’ve been listening smiling, to just an idea they had in their room alone. Nothing compares to this. Asta will be a powerhouse here for people to follow their own goals and aspirations.”