At Links Studios young people aged 11 – 19 can access positive and meaningful activities after school and have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills.

Through its production facilities, the studio will enable the smaller voices to be heard and give young people the opportunity to channel their curiosity, passions and energy through creative activities.

Our focused programmes range from music production to podcasting workshops and can be accessed after school from 3pm to 7pm. We provide a safe, welcoming space where you can explore music-making opportunities.

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Find out what we offer:

Do you want to make a beat?

Music Production Workshop

Our Media Suite hub is a dedicated space for focus and productivity, allowing you to develop production skills and prepare your music.

We have the latest industry software running the latest versions of Logic X Pro and Komplete Native Instruments.

Do you want to record vocals?

Vocal Recording Workshop

Whether you have an existing song or not, we will help arrange and record vocals for rappers, singers, and instruments. Individuals and organisations can book this session.

Do you want to make a podcast?

Podcast workshops

Got an idea for a podcast, or looking for a place to record your existing one? We provide a fully equipped dedicated podcasting room, and we will help you produce polished episodes.

Are you a producer?

Music Producers Club Session

The Beat facilitates networking that connects young music producers with mentors and other producers to help you learn, network and discover helpful ways to make your own sonic identity and original music with Logic Pro X.

Network with other music and beat makers, get feedback on your tracks. share your skills and creative process while learning new audio production tips and techniques. Open to music producers of all skill levels. For existing producers, you will need headphones, a laptop with Logic Pro X installed, or any music D.A.W you use to participate. Additionally, for anyone interested you can bring your tracks on a USB.

Can you sing?

For young people who love and enjoy singing, The Choir aims to give you a platform to amplify your voice and build confidence through singing regardless of background or abilities.

Are you a rapper or singer?

The Cypher focuses on bringing participants together who enjoy freestyle creative expression. Level up your skills in rap, poetry singing or spoken word performance. Come as you are, connect with new people and challenge your spontaneity and ingenuity with engaging lyrics and fun wordplay. Bring your native tongue.

Are you a musician?

All are welcome; each week, network and meet new players and gain invaluable experience playing with new musicians bouncing ideas playing with other people. Open to youth ages 11-19.