We restructure, reduce and resolve debt issues by helping you to write off debt or negotiate affordable payment arrangements. We take into account your needs, challenges and aspirations and work with you to reach a positive conclusion. We support you to overcome the challenges you face, make informed decisions and move towards a more stable and secure financial position. We are creating communities that are ready, knowledgeable and able to identify and overcome barriers.

I need debt advice

We can offer appointments for people struggling with debt and can advise on bankruptcy, rent arrears, utilities debt, credit arrears and debt relief orders (DRO’s). We can help to restructure or write off debt and negotiate affordable payment arrangements.

Contact us at advice@community-links.org or on 0207 473 2281 for an appointment, or visit us at 105 Barking Road, London, E16 4HQ

I am in debt with my water bill

East End Energy Fit can help you with advice on water debt as well as providing money management support to help you reach a more secure financial position.

Contact us at advice@community-links.org or on 0207 473 2281 to be referred to East End Energy Fit.