Community Links is a hub tackling health and social inequality in East London and beyond. We work alongside the community helping people of all ages reach their full potential. We take our local knowledge of what works to influence national decision making. We are proud to be part of Catch22.


We work towards a world where your potential is not limited by your health or social circumstances.


We believe everyone can thrive if they have 3 basic things: good people around them, a good place to live and a purpose in life. We call these our 3Ps.


Our ethos is to be driven by dreams and judged by delivery.

In November 2020, our Board of Trustees took the decision to merge fully with Catch22. Our two organisations have complementary strengths, are closely aligned in terms of activities, objectives and missions, and have been part of an innovative strategic partnership since 2017. The formal announcement about the merger is available online, along with Frequently Asked Questions.