Community Links is a social action charity, rooted in East London, providing support and opportunities to thousands of people every year. We have been transforming lives for over 40 years and are founded on two principles: to find new solutions to old problems and to deliver them with the whole community.

Our Mission is to support people in coming together, overcoming barriers, building purpose and making the most of the place they live in. From our base in Canning Town we apply the learning from our local work to influence and achieve positive national change.

Our Vision is of Ready for Everything Communities: groups of people who support each other to overcome problems, prevent them from occurring again and help each other to thrive and achieve their goals.

In November 2020, our Board of Trustees took the decision to merge fully with Catch22. Our two organisations have complementary strengths, are closely aligned in terms of activities, objectives and missions, and have been part of an innovative strategic partnership since 2017. The formal announcement about the merger is available online, along with Frequently Asked Questions. An Advisory Committee will be established in early 2021 tasked with safeguarding the legacy and future of Community Links. The merger will be completed on 1st February 2021.