About our Advice service

We run workshops, walk in free law sessions, walk in welfare sessions, and a by-appointment advice desk to ensure our services are accessible to as many as possible and reach as many as possible.

We connect people to the support they need, enable people to support each other and build capacity within the community to identify and overcome issues and prevent them from occurring again.

Our service approach is fourfold: Support, Guide, Impact, & Empower. Our purpose is to:
(i) support the people who seek us out
(ii) guide them toward the most efficient path to alleviate the difficulties they face
(iii) impact their circumstances in a positive manner, and
(iv) empower them with the confidence to subsequently remedy difficult circumstances independently.

Our focus is on Early Action interventions which support people at the earliest possible point, to prevent problems from occurring before the issue escalates. However, we also offer long-term wraparound crisis support for those beneficiaries with the greatest need, providing support for all barriers they are facing to help them take control of their lives.

There is an emphasis on building Deep Value relationships with our clients and we tailor the service approach in such a way that our service users feel understood and supported. We ensure they feel heard and acknowledged, we guide them through the process of alleviating their stress, building their confidence and inspiring self-esteem. Our advisors become someone they can trust and thus they are more likely to engage in the positive steps we support them to take.

You can read our service standards here.

We welcome support from anyone who would like to volunteer in our advice team, contact us for more information

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