About our Youth & Employment Services

Our focus is on personal development, we think about the individual with one-to-one support for each person helping them to plan for the long-term and move on to a positive destination.

Deep Value relationships are at the heart of our programmes and we ensure participants build trust and respect with advisors and mentors, forming a relationship which inspires confidence and has the power to transform. We support people to achieve their goals by building on their strengths and providing them with the tools to overcome the barriers they face. Through all of our programmes, people can participate in the creation of their own futures, raising their aspirations and helping them to unlock their potential, build purpose and seize opportunities.

Our Early Action approach ensures we work with young people at the earliest possible stage to prevent underlying issues from developing, guiding them on to positive destinations, helping them to discover their own strengths and inspiring them to achieve their goals. We are there at crucial moments of transition to support and encourage, providing the skills they need to shape their future. This approach ensures the next generation are ambitious, knowledgeable and ready to participate.

We deliver a range of Youth and Employment services to isolated neighbourhoods through our Community Hubs. We use these Hubs as access points to attract local residents who would not otherwise engage with support services, building the right mix of positive, supportive activities for the community by working with them to develop a collective response to the issues they face. Through this model, we engage with the most excluded groups in our community, creating vital social spaces and networks for isolated groups and delivering services which support them to participate and take opportunities. The result is stronger communities, which are inclusive and cohesive, willing to come together to build solidarity and act.