You can read our full 40 stories here.

40 Stories inspires this question. You are invited to consider this – and with us to find an answer.

What is your ambition; how might you join this with ours? By providing core funding to help us take forward all our work, or by providing support for a specific programme or our capital development?

Through renewing your previous support, or through providing support for the first time, achieving an impact that stretches well beyond what either of us might achieve alone?

We will be posting future stories on our website – and we will be adding the names of new donors and funders to our Roll of Honour which recognises all our supporters and partners.

We are actively seeking partners, funders and innovators who share our ambition for generating social change. Do connect with us now to renew your support or partnership, or assist for the first time; for us to progress further, together.In this way we will create the 41st Story of social change, and more.