“I want to be trained and qualified to be the Office Manager in a few years’ time. I want to be somewhere where I can help and make a big difference to people’s lives with all the information in my head sharing with whoever needs it. That makes big change. Then I’d like to travel to another country, others love how British people work, and share what I’ve learned. All this would put a big smile on my parents’ faces.

I wished I took up the chance of education. But I didn’t enjoy school much. It was hard to focus at that time. The Community Links’ Future Links programme gave me the help I needed to get where I am now. When I was younger I used to see the school receptionist and ask how hard it was. I was told it was hard because you have to remember a lot of things. Community Links gets a lot of people coming asking for help. You can either help them or you can’t. I really feel I’ve achieved something when I can.

When I look around a lot of young people I know I feel they have lost ambition to strive in life. They then circle themselves around bad people, out on the streets and even involved in gangs. It’s about people believing in you and being given hope.

My manager was ill. I had to step in. Yesterday I was asked to take the SMT [Senior Management Team] minutes; it took me away! It was a very big request. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I’ve asked Tom for a template. The fact that I’ve been trusted to come in and write notes and not say anything; I feel very honoured. If I was Arvinda I wouldn’t change anything. Community Links is achieving amazing changes every day.

It’s not been a straight path but I really feel I will achieve my ambition I want now. That’s amazing!”