We are deeply grateful to you for making the story it tells. It is clear that your partnership and support inspires, and generates, change far beyond what any of us can measure or see.

Read 40 Stories here.

The stories convey great passion, for standing by others and for a society that is better for us all. We are deeply appreciative of the passion, and compassion, that you show for the work and vision of Community Links.

We hope that you will be in contact when you have finished reading the book and we look forward to hearing from you.

Continuing to lead social change

We are determined to maintain our pace for social change.

It is an increasingly challenging environment for many of those with whom we work, and it is not an easy operating environment either.  It is therefore even more important that we capitalise on our relationship with Catch22 and seize opportunities ahead to achieve maximum impact in building Ready for Everything Communities. With our deep embeddedness in the community, experience and creativity we want to plan ahead with the greatest vision and ambition.

41st Story

We hope that you will be in contact when you have finished reading 40 Stories to discuss how you might be part of our plans ahead in partnership or support. Do use your usual Community Links contact to be in touch.

In this way, we will begin to create the 41st Story of social change and more, together.

Thank you for all your support.

With best wishes,

Venu Dhupa
Director of Action and Advocacy