Community Links has a vision of Ready for Everything Communities: groups of people who support each other to overcome problems, prevent them from occurring again and help each other to thrive and achieve their goals.

We aspire to a community with ambition, resilience and influence. A community that cares for itself, is keen to collaborate and share, and is proud of the diverse groups that make it up.

The vision is underpinned by three aspirations:

Getting Ready, communities that have stronger voices, the resources and the desire to actively engage with change;

Moving Forward, communities that are ready to participate in the creation of their own futures, overcome barriers and seize opportunities;

Stronger Together, communities that are connected, inclusive and cohesive, willing to come together, build solidarity and act.

In 2019, our work across advice, youth and employment, and health, reached over 60,000 people, responding to crisis where necessary, but also helping people take control of their lives, discover their own strengths, and give something back. We have designed a model for communities that we are using to design our services and programmes, work with our neighbours and measure our impact.

The model is built on our principles of Early Action, meeting needs at the earliest possible stage and preventing future crisis, and Deep Value relationships, building bonds with people, which inspire confidence, unlock potential and have the power to transform. There is a link between local practice and national policy and we will continue to share our learning to shape the systems that affect society. From our centre in Canning Town, we are creating a ‘Community Hub of the future’, a place which brings everyone together, to build cohesion, to create collective purpose and to be a platform for our community to express their aspirations.