In 2016, we were commissioned by Camden CCG to deliver a project which would increase the uptake of cervical screening. The project involved contacting 2000 patients from surgeries with the lowest uptake in the borough. Patients were encouraged to participate in the national screening programme and any queries or concerns they had were addressed. Health Facilitators encouraged and booked patients in for their cervical screening at the practice and/or provided patients with the details for the sexual health clinic. In addition, Health Facilitators provided detailed health promotion regarding cervical cancer as well as answered any questions the patients had regarding the procedure and programme. This enabled Health Facilitators to address any misconceptions and reassure patients about the cervical screening programme. 36% of the total number of patients that we managed to speak to attended a smear test within three months of our intervention.

We have now been comissioned by Public Health Kingston to undertake a cervical screening calling programme in all the GP practices in the area. Between 2020/2020, we will be calling aproximately 19,000 non-attenders with the aim of explaining the procedure, encouraging their participation and booking an appointment for them in their GP practice.

For our cancer screening programme, we work in partnership with GP practices in different areas of London. The data we use never leaves the NHS domain. For more information on GDPR please visit this website.