On 10th October 2018, students from Jo Richardson and Eastbury Community Schools will be hosting the first ever, student-led Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit for Young People from across the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

This event has been co-produced with young people from both schools and offers an exciting programme of speakers and  peer-led workshops, looking to inform and inspire students and staff to engage in discussions about children and young people’s mental health, and to ask “What else can we all do?” With the rising awareness and concerns about Children and Young People’s Mental Health it is becoming increasingly clear that we all need to be involved in finding the answers to these pressing demands. This event seeks to offer some of the solutions; informing young people, enabling young people and empowering young people to find ways of supporting each other to build resilience and promote positive wellbeing, recognising that “Mental Health is Everyone’s Business”.

Secondary schools from the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham will be represented at this free conference, as we look to involve 120 students and 20 staff. Our hope this that young people will take away ideas, activities, skills as well as their own pledge for how they plan to support children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing within their school.

Workshops on the day will cover a range of topics under the titles of:

–          Mental health is everyone’s business

–          Everyone is Unique

–          What we Don’t See

–          Creating Change

–          The outside world and its impact

–          Peer support

We see this is a hugely exciting opportunity for young people within the borough, setting co-production at the heart of the transformation of children and young people’s services, and enabling young people to be setting the agenda.