Some highlights from the 2023 Autumn Impact report by service area include:

• We helped 1,536 clients with legal, debt, and welfare benefits advice.
• We helped clients generate an income through additional welfare benefits and addressing their
debts to a tune of just over £2 million during the year. That means for every £1 invested in advice
staff, £11 was gained by advice service beneficiaries.

Young People

• 23 students, across two cohorts, took exams in Links Media College.
• 100% pass rate for Music Technology, as well as English Speaking & Listening.
• 113 young people completed our peer mentoring programme in East London Schools


• The Community Connectors programme helped 800 service users suffering from a serious mental
illness in Newham.
• Three quarters of the 100 service users who joined the Community Clicks programme reported
feeling confident in using tech by the end of their provision.
• Culture Within Newham is helping residents shape and take ownership of Newham’s cultural
possibilities through a series of events and engagements.
• We distributed over 8,500 bags of food to over 3000 people at our foodbank, with advice
interventions meaning we are addressing root causes of food bank usage in the first instance.


• We reached over 70,000 NHS patients with relation to our cancer screening projects.

View the Autumn Impact Report HERE