Dear community,

Last week, we were saddened by the passing of Fares Maatou, by a fatal stabbing, on Friday afternoon (April 23). As some of you will be aware, the incidence of youth violence took place only 20 or so yards from 105 Barking Road.

Sadly, this is the second stabbing in and around 105 Barking Road in the past two years that we aware of. Thankfully the first was non-fatal.

We are sure you will join us in expressing our collective sadness and grief for the needless loss of such a young life. It’s a stark reminder of why we do what we do. We are privileged to play a small part in helping to reduce the incidences of youth violence through our programmes like More than Mentors, the dedicated Links Studio, Asta Youth Hub, and our previous involvement in the KnifeFree campaign to name a few.

We send the family and loved ones of Fares Maatou our deepest condolences at this most difficult time.

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