Community Links established the Early Action Task Force (EATF) in 2011 to address the question “How do we build a society that prevents problems from occurring rather than one that, as now, copes with the consequences?” It is a group of leaders committed to preventative approaches and drawn from across the sectors – voluntary, statutory, private and academia. The aim is to embed Early Action approaches across the public and voluntary sectors.

We want to take Early Action from common sense to common practice

Our first report “The Triple Dividend” was published in November 2011, it coined the phrase “early action” and introduced the idea of “readiness” as a guiding principle for public policy. This was followed by a collaboration with the National Audit Officer (NAO), which produced the Landscape review of Early Action. Since then, we have continued to grow in size and influence. You can find all of the Task Force’s previous publications here.

Our Early Action Practitioners Network now has almost 650 members and our focus has been on supporting the development of Early Action on the ground. Support includes one to one help, a news bulletin at least once a month and a regular “Early Action Insights” events programme focusing on Early Action in specific sectors and led by successful practitioners. To sign up to the monthly Early Action bulletin, and find out about latest news, events and case studies, please follow this link.

We recently received funding from the Big Lottery Fund to expand our groundbreaking work by developing the practitioner network, creating an Early Action training programme for small voluntary organisations and building the evidence base.

If you, or your organisation, have an Early Action approach that you would like to share, please contact