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Tipping The Balance?

Tipping The Balance?

A qualitative study on the cumulative impacts of welfare reform in the London Borough of Newham
By Ellie Roberts and Luke Price

Government flagship proposals for Welfare Reform: simpler, fairer, making work pay, have a significant impact on the people Community Links work alongside in east London.
Community Links undertook a programme of research to understand the real effects of these changes to people’s lives – not just financially but also on employment opportunities, family life, their health, wellbeing and resilience. It is vital to fully evaluate the implementation of welfare reform on the individuals and communities most affected. Tipping the Balance? our investigation into the cumulative impacts of welfare reform, draws a vivid picture of how hard life has become for many local people as a result of the changes.
This report makes a series of practicable recommendations towards providing better support for people facing multiple disadvantages within a welfare system that is fairer and more effective.

ISBN 978-0-9567126-7-7

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Tipping The Balance?

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