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Deep value

 Our Deep Value approach  captures the value created when relationships in public services are effective. . 

Deep value

Through our resarch and evaluation of our practical work we hav established that:

1) Strong one-to-one relationships release potential in us all, tackle need, build networks and social capital, and erode inequality. “It is not only possible for one human being to make a real and lasting difference to another, it is often all that ever does” (Side by Side)

2) Practical support or the transfer of knowledge creates the conditions for progress but it is the deeper qualities of a relationship that have the power to transform: “the best community workers, advice workers, youth workers, don’t seek to control people or make them dependant but to be the influence on the lives of others that makes them free.” (People of Influence)

3) Doing this better and doing it more yields deeper value from public services without necessarily increasing public expenditure. (Time well Spent)

Deep Value is a term that captures the value created when the human relationships between people delivering and people using public services are effective. Our research project will develop practical measurement tools and products by which ‘Deep Value’ can be applied in real terms.

As a first stage of this work we were supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to produce a literature review which seeks to develop a better understanding of the approach and how it might be implented in ways which make public services more effective. The review was launched at a seminar which considered the wider issues.

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