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The Council on Social Action, was led between 2007 and 2009 by Community Links co-founder David Robinson. CoSA brought together innovators from every sector to generate ideas and initiatives through which Government and other key stakeholders can catalyse, celebrate and develop social action.

CoSA defined ‘social action’ to include the wide range of ways in which individuals, communities, organisations and businesses can seek through their choices, actions and commitments to address the social issues they care about.

The Council on Social Action made recommendations to government and to others in its capacity as an advisory body, independent of government.

Council on Social Action

Council on Social Action


David Robinson, Community Links
Kay Allen, Royal Mail
Oli Barrett, Connected Capital
Shankari Chandran, Allen & Overy
Olga Heaven, Hibiscus
Geoff Mulgan, Young Foundation
Julia Ogilvy, Project Scotland
Rob Owen, St. Giles Trust
Tim Smit, Eden Project
Kevin Steele, Inspired Campaigns
David Thomlinson, Accenture
Sophi Tranchell, Divine Chocolate Ltd.
Paul Twivy, Communications Consultant
Julia Unwin, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Peter Wheeler, Investment and Philanthropy Specialist


The Council on Social Action produced the following series of publications, each of which are available to download:


Chain Reaction: In November 2008, the inaugural Chain Reaction event brought together over 1000 participants from 16 countries and from across the public, private and third sectors including social leaders, community activists, policy makers, business leaders, CSR practitioners, ministers and young people.

In November 2009 Chain Reaction reconvened, this time at the heart of London's finacial centre Canary Wharf. Further events and activities - both online and "in real Life" continued until the summer of 2011  aiming to share learning and to generate new ideas for social change locally, nationally and globally. .

Chain Reaction was a project of Community Links who also provided administration, publishing  and support for the work of CoSA.

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