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Putting the public back into public service markets

07 Mar 2016

Putting the public back into public service markets

At last week’s Institute for Government (IFG) event in the series on ‘Where next for public service markets?’ our chief executive Geraldine Blake stressed that relationships between front-line workers and service users is critical.

When describing a programme in Newham that engaged users in the running of commissioned welfare services, Geraldine explained that the quality of the user’s direct engagement with staff is often the key determinant of their confidence in a service. People want to be reassured that contracts are selected in the right way, that there is clear accountability if services fail and that services will be run with respect for their users. 

As Oliver llott from IFG reports, panellists and audience from the event identified two necessary steps to best manage public service markets: first, understand what the public want from outsourced services and second, reform public service markets in a way that supports increased public involvement.

Read the article in full, including recommendations for reform here