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Play, Sow and Grow

 Play, Sow and Grow is an innovative community hub. The garden - with its vegetable plots, tree houses, play equipment, and of course the chickens - is the source of much of the fun.

Play, Sow and Grow


Play, Sow and Grow uses the natural environment to deliver open-access and holiday schemes for children, weekly youth activity, monthly family days and schools projects. The garden is stocked with growing fruit and vegetables, a Hen house, a tree house and deep play area.

Play Sow and Grow takes the best of old-fashioned children’s play and gives it a modern city twist, focusing on the outdoors, the environment, planting, feeding and growing in our purpose-built centre on the Three Mills Estate in Stratford.

Open in the evenings, at weekends and during school holidays for play, we give children the chance to sow and grow their own vegetables, care for our flock of excitable chickens, and have fun in the garden or occasionally indoors. And during the day we welcome local families for various activities – everything from get fit classes to English lessons.

We also run special sessions for local schools, and can provide tailored group sessions for young people and adults on request.

Play, Sow and Grow is at 6 Gay Road, Stratford, E15 2RN.
Find out more see the video below - download our curent programme or contact Centre Manager Candy Buckler on 0208 522 7337.