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Community Links Young Lifesavers recieve Princess Diana Award.

By Frances Clarke

Yesterday at Barclays Headquarters in Canary Wharf some of the Community Links Young Lifesavers recieved a Princess Diana, Active Campaigner Award. The Princess Diana Award was set up to remember the charitable work that Princess Diana carried out. The five girls were representing a group of over 80 Young Lifesavers from Plashet School they are pictured with X Factor finalists “The Risk” and business leader and philanthropist Kate Hardcastle, who spoke about experiencing bullying whilst at school and how she overcame it.

The girls had taken part in the Community Links’ breast cancer awareness campaign, which began in March 2011. The campaign has successfully worked with girls and their mums – raising awareness of the need for regular self examination, sharing knowledge of the possible signs and symptoms of breast cancer, increasing confidence to go to the doctor with any concerns and raising awareness of the importance of attending mammogram appointments.

I participated in a breast cancer project which tried to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms within our school and amongst our wider families and friends.” said Hadia Abid, one Young Lifesaver “We organised fun events and activities that would inform young girls like me and their mums about what breast cancer is and how it can be detected early. If detected early breast cancer can be survived. 9 out of 10 women survive breast cancer if it is found early.”

We measured the impact of the project and we know that awareness of the issues and symptoms have increased, as has confidence to seek help early when a problem is discovered. Our measures show a significant improvemnent between the start of the project and the end… and we know we have saved at least one life:

Hira Mehtab, Young Lifesaver, explains “a member of staff at our school found out she had breast cancer because of our project, Ms Labinyo said that the campaign saved her life.”

“Receiving the Diana Award was an amazing experience and opportunity. It’s made me realize that I do make a difference, be it big or small – it’s a difference that matters” Safia Siddique.

If you would like to know more about the cancer awarness campaign or if you have any concerns visit: or email

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