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I wish…

By Guest

Children at our Open Access Play Schemes shared their Christmas wishes last week. Here are some of them:

“I wish that dad will get a job.”

“I wish that it will snow on Christmas day.”

“I wish I had a bike that can fly.”

“I wish Play, Sow and Grow was open every day.”

“I wish I had a farm in Somalia.”

“I wish I had a football that can take me to heaven.”

“I wish the world would have peace.”

“I wish for everyone to be happy at Christmas.”

“I wish to have a dog.”

“I wish all the people find a job.”

“I wish that I can play forever.”

“I wish I can spend Christmas with my family.”

“I wish there could be jobs for everyone.”

And on behalf of all of us at Community Links…

“I wish the world a merry Christmas and a happy new year.”

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