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International Peace Day: a great example of a Chain Reaction

By Will Horwitz

Ten years ago, film director Jeremy Gilley had the idea for an international day of peace – one day each year of global ceasefire and non-violence. Today, it’s officially recognised by the UN, is being marked in all 192 countries worldwide, and has bought two feuding sportsware companies back together in (PR-driven) harmony.

It’s one of those great ideas that works because it involves everyone – government, charity, business, ordinary people. It grew, from Jeremy’s initial dream into a groundbreaking campaign, through something I’m going to call a Chain Reaction – connecting with people from a wide range of backgrounds, collaborating with them, and then committing with them to achieving something great.

Not coincidentally, Jeremy told us all about how he’d done it at our ‘Chain Reaction’ event last year (watch the video above), where over a thousand people were doing a similar thing.

Jeremy’s story embodies what Chain Reaction is about – people having innovative new ideas that cut across sectors, meeting other people who are equally passionate, and then making them real. And the good news is that we’re holding another one this year.

We’ll be revealing more details about this year’s event later in the week, but keep the 12th November free in your diary, and prepare to meet some senior government ministers, community groups, business leaders, and activists, and perhaps start your own chain reaction.

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