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Our Strategy

Ready for Everything Communities

We have a new three-year strategy (2017-2020) which outlines our vision of Ready for Everything Communities. This captures our ambition to enable groups of people who support each other to overcome problems, prevent them from occurring again and help other to thrive and achieve their goals. The full version will be available on our relaunched website in November.

Our Mission is to support people in coming together, overcoming barriers, building purpose and making the most of the place they live in. From our base in east London, we apply the learning from our local work to influence and achieve positive national change.
The strategy is underpinned by three main aspirations:

  • Getting Ready: communities have the resources and desire to actively engage with change
  • Moving Forward: communities have the confidence to deal with anything that comes our way with a collaborative spirit and an openness to doing things differently
  • Stronger Together: communities are connected, inclusive and cohesive

Over the three next years, our aim is for communities to be aware of the factors that are shaping them, responsive enough to identify and overcome barriers and ambitious enough to reach their potential.